Monday, September 21, 2009

A Samurai Never Fears Death

There is a saying that you can never again go home. This is a lesson that sixteen year old Seikei learns in the mystery "A Samurai Never Fears Death." In this fifth samurai mystery set in ancient Japan, Seikei has to return with his adopted father to his hometown. Seikei has been gone for several years and his return is quite an unhappy surprise for his younger brother and older sister. In order to become reacquainted, they go to a puppet show. There, the body of a narrator is found murdered and it is up to Seikei to find the murderer.

I also enjoy this series of mysteries by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler. They entertain in a Sherlock Holmes fashion, while providing some history about ancient Japan. I enjoyed this one more than most, because I can really start to see the growth of Seikei as a samurai and a detective. His adopted father, Judge Ooka has a very minor role in this novel, mainly as the catalyst for Seikei to return home. It is truly up to Seikei to solve the mystery while staying honorable to his new role in society.
Who would I hand this book to? Fans of mystery series such as the Hardy boys or Nancy Drew.

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